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Afallon Welsh Ponies

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Committed to Breeding Quality Welsh Section C Ponies




Over the past few years we have established a small herd

of home-bred Welsh Section C Ponies

retained for their type, movement, temperament and bloodlines.


Our foundation stock were carefully selected

and although these special mares and stallions

have now been sold on

we would like to introduce them to you

as we hope they will continue to be influential

in our breeding programme for many years to come.


We are thrilled with their beautiful offspring

which now grace our fields.


With our foundation ponies moving on and our first crop of

'second generation' Afallon foals now on the ground,

our stud is at a point of change

- a point of consolitation of the bloodlines that we have chosen -

a time to reflect on our beginnings,

and a time to dream and plan for our future...


We hope you enjoy your on-line visit to out little stud

as much as we enjoy visiting your studs and admiring

your own beautiful Welsh ponies.


Best wishes to all of you for your own dreams and visions.